Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


1. Respect People and Property
2. Attend School Regularly
3. Do and Submit Work


1.Classes are to proceed to the School Hall in a quiet and orderly manner and be seated quickly.
2. A respectful silence and orderliness must be maintained during all assemblies.
3. Students must not absent themselves and must be punctual.
4. Class attendance will be taken. Absence without a valid reason will be considered as truancy.


1. Do leave the areas in school in a better condition and state of cleanliness after use.
2. Take good care of school properties and premises. Cost of replacement for vandalized items will be borne by student(s)       responsible for the damage.
3. Maintain highest standards of cleanliness at all times on the school premises. Cleanliness includes the maintenance of the      immediate surrounding areas.
4. Food and all sweet drinks are to be consumed only in the canteen. All cutleries and trays must be returned to designated      receptacles and litter disposed into the rubbish bins.


1. Work with all your classmates and teachers to achieve optimal outcomes.
2. All students must be punctual for lessons.
3. Students must not to leave the classroom without permission by teachers.