Audio Visual Teaching (AVT)
The system of AVT is to extend the expansion of wide vision towards the micro-context of knowledge and acknowledge their content.

Bus Service
We are encomforting bus facilities for certain routes. So as to concern the comforts of the students.

SMS Service
Messaging services have been started for the awareness to the parents about the child's activities like Attendance, Exam Result, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Sports & Events
Our students participate in State & National level sports Events on every occasion. We capture academic moments of our children for their parents to savour.

Science Lab
We have ultra-modern laboratory for Physic, Chemistry, Biology and a math’s lab to facilitate students to carry out their practicals and step ahead with approximate touch of Excellency.

Computer Lab
The most awaiting room where more than 100 students can at a time accumulates and are free to be in touch of technology. It accomplishes the task of competency.