The classrooms are well ventilated with white boards and flannel boards to provide an ideal sanctum for academic progress to take place.
The Pre-primary section specially equipped with age appropriate furniture and have classrooms that are made child friendly by painting colourful motifs which give them a winsome view.

Audio-Visual Rooms:

Audio-Visual room with a wall mounted TV, DVD, and LCD projector form a distinct feature of the infrastructure at Samithi. The AV library comprises rich educational and entertainment CDs to augment the learning ability of the children and sustain their interest in learning. Certain topics are taught with the help of this technology so as to make learning an interactive and immersive experience for the students.

Computer Lab:

The age of technology is upon us and it is becoming increasingly difficult for someone to function without knowledge of computers. At, Samithi, we realize this and have a state-of-the-art computer lab in the school premises. The computer lab has adequate number of latest PCs which have all the required software installed. All PCs have internet connection. This lab is specially designed to educate the students with the latest technology so that the children get comfortable with technology from a young age.


“Books are mankind’s best friend”. Keeping this in mind Samithi considers the library as our learning and resource center. We have a large library with 2000+ books of various categories such as English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Fictions, Novels, Magazines, Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries and periodicals. The library has sufficient space for students to read books. Also, students have a designated library period which they use to do extra reading

Sports Ground:

Our school has a state of the art playground where New Age as well as traditional sports are played.

Other Facilities:

Physical Education and Sports Programmes:

Although we have own designated and professional physical education staff, but we are also associated with a sports education academy, which provides trained coaches of Skating, Volley ball and Tae0kwando.

Transport Facility:

The school provides transport facility to the students through its own buses for bringing in students from different localities to the school and vice-versa.


Last but not the least, good security is yet another important feature of a school. The School premises is covered with wall boundary from all sides, having four functional school gates, on all the gates security arrangements are being monitored on regular basis. Trained security guards from a leading housekeeping services help in maintaining round the clock security of the school.